Our Story

Johnny Edwards, our founder, always had a talent for drawing and passion for skateboarding that eventually lead him to his love for art. He attended a small community college where he excelled in art and business. While attending classes, John decided he would take his love for skateboarding even further and start his own skateboard company, Impulse Skateboards. He wanted badly to make his own graphics for his company decks so he began teaching himself design programs and studying graphic design. With this, he was able to create the print files the manufacturer needed for the skateboard decks. With boards in five different states, he was doing well but yet he wanted more.

One day while screen printing t-shirts in his garage, John’s friend suggested he start his own sign company. That’s when the ideas came pouring in and John realized it would be the perfect place for him to utilize his talent and love for art. At only age 25, John’s grandmother cosigned for a loan of $3,000 and with that Accel Graphics was born. He set up in a small 9′ x 15′ shop in the middle of Fort Payne. Working nights at a chicken hatchery and drumming up business during the day, Johnny made just enough to keep the lights on. As business started to grow and word of mouth spread, he realized it was time to move. He began searching for something bigger and found the perfect spot located downtown on first street. After years of working two jobs, business picked up and John committed fully to the sign shop. He spent hours studying at night and even went to trade shows in order to learn as much as he possibly could. He went out selling to local businesses and left his card in hopes of new job opportunities. With each new job that came in, John put his heart and soul into his work. As the business became larger and the market was growing, John took a leap of faith and decided to buy a large format printer. He began selling what he believed is the best advertising to date, vehicle wraps.

As new members joined the team, Accel Graphics began specializing in more aspects of the design business. We’re still learning and pursuing knowledge so we can provide the best possible design service for our customers.

Who we are

We are professionals who specialize in branding. Most small businesses might not even think about branding their company. We are here to introduce you to the world of branding and show you just what it can do to help your small business grow and make your company stand apart from the rest.

What we do

We find the best possible solutions for your business needs whether it be signage, a new look for your store front or maybe you’ve decided to give mobile advertising a try. We will help you succeed in portraying your company’s image in the correct manner. This in turn will give your customer a sense of security knowing that they are dealing with a professional company who has a professional look.

Why we do it

We enjoy being creative and nothing feels better than to see our work out there generating business for our customers. One thing is for sure, we want you to succeed! If you are doing well, then it usually means return business for us. We put our best into all that we do and producing quality work is important to us. We are always looking at and comparing designs and signage wherever we do. It is our passion and what we love to do!

The Process

What are your needs?

What are your individual needs? What are your business needs? The first step is to figure out what product will best suit the current type of advertising needs you have. Do you need signs, a vehicle wrap design or an updated look for your website? We can do all of these things for you. We can also take a look at your company image. Are you getting the response you want from it? Is there any way it can be improved and if so, will this help your bottom line?



Time to create a unique, clean design layout for your product or service! Whether it’s a sign or a vehicle wrap, we always take our time to consider the most important factors of design. Prioritizing copy, using the colors for your brand and making sure the lettering is sized up correctly so that it can be read within a reasonable distance. We want your design to not only catch the attention of passers by, but also get your message across in a timely manner.


The Finishing Move

The final product is here! We’ve either developed your brand identity or worked wonders with your sign, wrap or website. Why has it turned out so good, you ask? It’s because we have looked at every possibility and spent careful time and consideration on your project in order to choose the design that works best for you. We have also used the best quality materials on your sign or vehicle wrap. We specialize in design and are constantly growing so that we can create new exciting designs for our customers. We do what it takes to create the best finished product possible so that we can always be the best choice for all of your needs.