Knowing where to invest your money when it comes to your business website will mean the difference between success and failure. If you remember that an investment in words that resonates with your potential customers, teaches them something and drives traffic to your site all at the same time, you’re doing pretty well. For that, you’ll need a professional copy writer who is well-versed in using words to educate, inspire, interest and convert. We’ve all heard the classic adage that content is king. Nowhere is this more important than in your website and even the way you approach social media. You want people to trust that you’re the authority in your given market. You want to drive traffic to your site. The best way to achieve this is through solid professional content.

You Get What You Pay For

Business owners, especially small ones just starting out, have a million things on their plate that they have to pay for. Writing for their websites may feel like one of those things to pass on. After all, they’re just words, right? Wrong. Cutting corners on content could be the worst decision you make as a business owner. Hiring a good writer is so much more than catchy headlines, crisp bullet points and facts. Content writers who know their stuff know how to analyze your business and pour that analysis into everything they write. They know your company mission, its purpose and its target audience. Cranking out engaging content isn’t easy, and it’s even harder to do when you’re swamped with 10 other things you have to do in a day. Your writer is paid to understand the user experience, learn how web design and information architecture work into the big picture, and know how to hook those elusive readers you just haven’t been able to reach yet, according to Smashing Magazine. The artistry of the written word will net you much more in results than a flashy graphic alone will. This will probably be your hardest job as a business owner: finding a writer that intrigues and that will ultimately make your company money.

You Don’t Have a Lot of Time

If you’re still unsure of how critical good writing is for your website, consider this: Users often leave web pages after just 10 to 20 seconds unless your site has a clear value proposition that can hold their attention so that they stay longer and hopefully make a purchase, says Nielsen Norman Group. For vehicle wraps and other outdoor signage, you have even less time: six seconds. Standing out among the clutter is no easy task. You can’t achieve it with photos and flash and no substance. It may work to grab their eye for a second or two, but ultimately, what you SAY is more important than what you show. Yes, visuals are important. You never want to have a dense wall of text on your web page. You could be writing Shakespeare and no one would care. Ultimately, it’s about the blend of the two. But, like people, beauty really is only skin deep. Offer them more underneath the surface and you will reap the rewards.

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