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Custom Boat Wraps For Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia

Boat Wraps: Customize Your Boat

By their very nature, boat wraps and carpet decals must be manufactured for long-term durability and endurance. After all, your boat is in the water and naturally is exposed to the elements. Your carpet decals, too, must be made of the toughest materials around so as to stand up to the every-day abuse you put them through. You’re not just sitting — you’re standing, reeling in fish, walking about and doing some heavy duty work. Your carpet graphics must be of the highest quality, featuring the ultimate in traction.

Here at Accel Graphics, we can design, create and install custom boat wraps and carpet decals for bass boats and fishermen, as well as any other kind of boat and watercraft.

Custom Boat Wraps | Bass Boat Wraps

Boat Wraps

Boat wraps are an effective way to advertise your fishing or other business. As a complement to more traditional forms of print and online marketing, boat wraps are portable and put your business directly in front of the eyes of your customers. Whether you own a whole fleet of boats or just one, boat wraps can make a positive impression on your business partners and potential clients. We work frequently with professional bass fishermen. The quality of our wraps is superior, plus they’re built to last in harsh environments.

Let us incorporate your sponsor’s logo to attract the attention of people on the water as well on the docks or in the water. Our boat wraps are customized to your unique needs as well as the type of watercraft you have. In addition to making an impact in terms of advertising, our boat wraps are a more economical and affordable way to promote your business or sponsors than paint and plastics, which tend to deteriorate quickly in harsh environments.

Boat Carpet Decals

The floor of your boat takes a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Many boat owners choose carpet decals to advertise their business or the products they endorse, with skid and slip resistance designed for the harsh environment of a bass boat. Our ultra rugged carpet decals are formulated to stand up to the weather and all foot traffic, offering more adhesive qualities than standard decals. Pressure activated with optimal surface adhesion, our carpet decals can be removed and repositioned as needed. We offer the ultimate in impact, skid and scratch resistance so you can experience a long life span out of our products.

Let Us Create A Custom Boat Wrap To Fit Your Business Or Personal Needs

To learn more about our boat wraps and carpet decals, contact us today at 256-844-8629, or email us at Trust our professionals to design and install the highest quality wraps and decals.

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