Chimney Pro

Chimney Company Logo and Branding, Website Design, Business Cards, Van Wrap, Signage

Chimney Pro

Logo & Branding, Website, Business Cards

We were tasked with developing a unique brand and identity for a chimney company planning to compete in the tri-state area of Southern Tennessee, Northeast Alabama, and Northwest Georgia.

Creating a unique and memorable brand for a start-up business

You aren’t sure just what may walk in the door of your business on any given day. Chimney Pro came to us wanting to create a logo and branding that is unique and memorable, while conveying the quality of their work in the the chimney cleaning and inspection market.

After our initial meeting with Chimney Pro where they filled out our creative brief that provides us a road map of what they’re looking for and information about their business, we were ready to jump in and get started. We gathered our creative team and began brainstorming, sketching ideas, and researching the current market in our area for Chimney Pro’s competition. To our surprise, there weren’t any chimney companies that really stood out around our location. Most of them had very outdated websites, lackluster online presence, or forgettable logos and branding.

Accel Graphics created a logo that hit the spot

After hours of research, brainstorming, and sketching out different designs, we were onto something. We created a friendly looking character that had a retro chimney sweep look. After we had the logo design down, we spent some time trying out different color schemes and finally found the perfect look for Chimney Pro.

Now that we have the final logo, it’s time to move onto the branding process of the project. This is where we will be creating a consistent image across their business with business cards, marketing materials, vehicle wraps, and a website. It was all coming together, the designs were consistent, unique, and memorable giving this start up the look of being in business for years, in turn creating brand promise.

Chimney Pro is a start-up, but they were not new to the chimney business. They had a target area that was composed of an area cities about 2 hours from their home office. We created a geotargeted website using SEO techniques, while making it layout easy to navigate and mobile friendly. Chimney Pro had just what they needed in a website to get an upper hand on the competition. Their website is top notch and pulling in leads on a daily basis.

Chimney Pro is a success!

They had an amazing first year in business. Their strong branding was getting many compliments, and they were even being asked if Chimney Pro was a franchised company.

In their second year of business they purchased one of their competitors, added 3 brand new service vans, 3 full-time technicians, and a dedicated salesman. During this time they built one of the best and most impressive fireplace showrooms in the tri-state area of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

Chimney Pro provides the best service you can get from a chimney cleaning and inspection company, and we believe in the possibility that they will be able to franchise their company out to different locations at some point in the future.

At Accel Graphics we are just happy that we were able to be a part of their journey and help them design success.

CLIENT Chimney Pro
Dalton, GA
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