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Video Marketing is Taking the Internet by Storm

If you’ve never thought about video marketing as an integral piece of your online marketing puzzle, think again. With more than a billion users (nearly one-third of everyone online), YouTube reaches more 18 to 49-year olds than any single cable network in this country. What’s more, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube every single day, with the number of channels earning six figures per year being up 50 percent.

Promoting your website through the written word — blogs, quality web content, etc. — is great. In fact, it’s critical to your success. But by concentrating only on the written word with some clip art or photos thrown in for good measure, you’re missing out on some really big potential: video marketing. You may associate video marketing with companies who have big advertising budgets. After all, traditional professional-grade video has always been expensive, from shooting and editing to production and post production.

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Capturing the Trends

However, fast forward to today and you have so many more options that are — dare we say — cheap to make and DIY-friendly. Of course, you can run the gamut from low-cost how-to videos all the way up to formal polished corporate overviews, but you get the drill. The bottom line is that video marketing has entered the marketing mainstream, and you don’t want to miss the boat in Chattanooga, TN.

Average Attention Spans

That’s where we come in. Our specialized team can help clients get into the video marketing game when it comes to social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It’s not our goal to produce glossy, big-budget Hollywood movies; rather, our expertise lies in producing quick, to-the-point videos that are affordable and easy to make yet look professional for your intended audience. (Think product videos, how-to videos or tips.) The average length watched of a single online video is 2.7 seconds. Any more than that and you could lose your audience. This same source tells us that the average attention span of humans in 2015 was 8.25 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. Considering the average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds, we’re dealing with a tiny amount of time in which to pique the interest of your readers. In our experience, we find that one- to three-minute videos works best according to those online attention spans.

Why You Need Video Production

You may have been shying away from making business videos, despite the growing prevalence of this segment, for many reasons. Perhaps you don’t think you have the budget to create ongoing videos, or maybe you’re unsure of what topics you’d produce. Perhaps you don’t have the skill, patience, time or equipment to do it right. Well, we do. And there are many reasons why you as a business need to hire a video maker to boost your bottom line.

  • Help your customers understand what you’re selling: It’s one thing to talk about what you sell or offer; it’s quite another to show it. Customers in a store can easily touch, feel, and view your products, but they can’t do that online obviously; give them another dimension on which to view what you offer through video. This allows you to explain your process in the same manner you would do in a store setting face to face. This is where you can bring voice and personality to your brand.
  • Break through the noise of the Internet and give your customers something to remember: With billions of video and even more written content, the Internet is a messy, noisy, chaotic place with everyone vying for attention. Consider that 80 percent of people remember the video ads they view online, and you can see how video helps you showcase how creative you are.
  • Reach a wide demographic: If you rely solely on your website and all the various social media platforms to get your message across, you’ll be pulled in many different directions. Pinterest is great for middle-aged women, and Snapchat and Instagram are great for teens, but what if you want to reach everyone regardless of age? A YouTube video maker will ensure a wider reach for your business, regardless of the demographics. Videos know no age bounds; they appeal to young and old alike.
  • Get a higher ranking: Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, owned by the largest search engine on the planet? Ranking high on Google should be your first priority, especially as a small business, and videos help your website rank highly for keywords that you wouldn’t get with a traditional SEO approach.
  • Educate your audience: Of course, the main point of a video is to enlighten and educate your customers. It has to provide value or no one will bother watching it. That being said, forget about the high-pressure sales tactics. Choose a topic you’re an expert in and that is interesting to your audience. Approach your video from a helpful perspective rather than a sales perspective.

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Fleshing out these video marketing approaches is easy when you partner with a professional like us. Our team has the experience and skill to produce quick, effective videos that help promote your business one view at a time. Give Accel Graphics a call at (256) 844-8629 today to get started.

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